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September 26, 2010 -

Dear Friends,

It's been a very quick two years since you have chosen me to fill the unexpired term of former School Board member Elizabeth Andrews. During this time, the DeKalb County Board of Education has been grappling with a myriad of issues, not the least of which involve the departure of our former Superintendent and a rapidly shrinking operating budget which has forced us to make some very tough decisions about how we provide a quality education for the children of DeKalb County despite these circumstances.

Revenue projections for next year and thereafter do not look promising. Next year, we will be facing more shortfalls. There are discussions of more school closures, and more cuts to programs and personnel. I think its wrong.

We need to preserve the people and programs we have in place, restore cost of living increases and quit using employee furloughs to balance our budget. If it can't be responsibly funded though judicious reductions in other areas, then we should consider alternative forms of revenue.

There are three things that are essential to maintaining the highest quality of educational standards:

1. Good schools and good teachers. Good teachers make good schools, and we have a many tools available to identify the best ones, and they should be compensated accordingly.

2. A safe disciplined wholesome environment. We cannot expect students to retain knowledge in an atmosphere that has distractions or outside interferances.

3. Parental involvement. If education was only confined to what was learned in the classroom, I am certain all students would have straight A's. Without engaged parenting, good grades are the exception, not the rule. As a school board we have to engage and involve the parents or we are destined to mediocrity.

You see, I am not afraid to tell you what I'm thinking. I never have been. We may disagree about this or that, but I am not going to lie to you or tell you things just because I think you want to hear them.

My opponent in this race is looking for a toe-hold. In her candidate profile on DeKalb School Watch, she has already started the mudslinging by raising red herrings in previous elections.

If anyone wants to see who contributed to any race I have ever won, its all online.

You can see my supporters for School Board race I won in 2008 here: You can see my supporters for my tenure in the Georgia State Senate here.

I am open and transparent. I challenge my opponent to post her financial information online as I have done for you right here.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please remember to vote in November. Not only do I need your vote, but so does the DeKalb School System and the nation as a whole. In our present economy, we need leadership with proven experience. That's what I bring to the table in District 9 for the DeKalb County Board of Education.

Yours in partnership,

Dr. Eugene P. Walker
DeKalb County School Board
District 9

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